Estelle Lefébure mom: rare photo of her children Emma Smet and Giuliano together, too cute

Summer is the time for holidays but above all for family reunions! And this also applies to Estelle Lefébure left for the South in July. But be careful, not alone: ​​the Nivea muse is accompanied by her youngest son, little Giuliano, born in 2011 from her past union with Pascal Ramette, but also by her youngest daughter Emma, ​​24, whose famous dad is David Hallyday.

And the brother and sister seemed particularly happy to be reunited: on his Instagram story, we can see the brother and sister embracing under an azure blue sky, looking into the distance. As always, there is no question for Estelle Lefébure to reveal the face of her offspring: the pre-teen is from behind in the photo, surrounded by the protective arms of her older sister.

Despite their 13-year age difference, both seem to get along very well and must have thought hard about the third member of their clan, their older sister Ilona Smet! The young woman, who has just turned 27, gave birth only a month ago to a little boy, making Estelle Lefébure a very young grandmother, and probably did not want to undertake a long trip. with her baby so young.

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