End of stock for the Apple Watch Edition in titanium

Good luck finding an Apple Watch Edition with a titanium case. Several models are indeed unavailable, either on the Apple Store online or in brick and mortar stores. This is the case for the 41 and 45 mm versions with a leather link strap, for certain versions of the space black titanium case with the Single Loop strap, Braided Single Loop and Sport Loop, or even the 45 mm case with the Sport strap.

Until we conclude that the manufacturer is emptying stocks in anticipation of the launch of the Apple Watch Pro which could replace the Edition collection, there is a step that can hardly be taken. Last year at the same time, we also noticed that the Series 6 in titanium were rather rare in the Apple store, and yet the Apple renewed the range with the Series 7 of the same metal.

However, this does not detract from the hypothesis of the pure and simple disappearance of the Edition collection. The future larger and sportier smartwatch would indeed have a titanium case, and its price would be close to the current Edition models. Under these circumstances, it would seem difficult to keep in the catalog models so close (and at the same time so far).

Mark Gurman: l

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