E.coli bacteria: since the Buitoni scandal, the sale of frozen pizzas has collapsed in France

Since the revelation of Buitoni pizzas contaminated with E.coli bacteria, the sale of these products has collapsed in mass distribution, explains BFM Business, this Thursday, July 28.

The Buitoni scandal has effects on consumer confidence. While batches of pizzas from the brand contaminated with E.coli bacteria have been removed from the shelves since March, the French are in no rush to buy back these products, reports BFM Business.

The data transmitted by Nielsen to the information site reveals that the turnover generated by the sales of frozen pizzas in mass distribution fell by 34.2% between March 14 and June 19 compared to the previous year. Sales of fresh pizzas suffered a drop of 9.4% over the same periodyet no batch had been contaminated.

“A deep and lasting crisis”

“In my eyes, we are in a deep and lasting crisis”, considers, with BFM Business, Olivier Dauvers, specialist in mass distribution.

“It is not a simple deception, there have been consequences for people. The nature of the product we are talking about is another element, because some carry a more problematic imagination than others. Pizza is a daily and above all family product. This is what children eat. The superposition of these two levels makes this crisis serious,” he added.

ud83dudd0e Update on 04/05/22 on the cases of #HUS and infections #Ecoli in connection with the consumption of frozen pizzas from the Fraîch’Up Buitoni range
u27a1ufe0f 56 confirmed cases have been identifiedhttps://t.co/wDeim7zpUl

– SantépubliqueFrance (@SantePublicFr) May 10, 2022

Since February, Public Health France has identified 56 cases of poisoning with the E.coli bacteria linked to the consumption of frozen pizzas from the Buitoni brand. Among them, only one case concerns an adult, the other 55 are children, two of whom died.

The boss of Nestlé France had apologized

Last March, an inspection by the Nord prefecture and the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) noted breaches of hygiene rules in the Caudry factory (Nord) . This was where the Buitoni pizzas were made.

This inspection notably revealed the presence of rodents, employees who do not wash their hands or even food on the floor, explains our colleagues from BFM Business. A judicial investigation was also opened on March 22 for “deception”, “involuntary homicides”, and “endangering others”.

Consumers and victims have also filed complaints all over France. More than 70 families are waiting to be heard by the courts. In mid-July, Christophe Cornu, the boss of Nestlé France, owner of the Buitoni brand, apologized to the families of the children affected by the contaminations and announced the creation of a support fund for victims.

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