Domino’s offers a customizable pizza with… 34 toppings (yes, that’s too many)

If you are one of those people who orders a Queen but prefers her “no mushrooms please”, or you think the Quatre Fromages would be better with a pineapple topping, it’s the perfect time to get creative. After the failure of a completely crazy communication operation in 2019, Domino’s is launching a new challenge, less dangerous this time.

The mythical American fast food chain has just released a customizable pizza, allowing the customer to compose a filling with no less than 34 ingredients. A project that “looks more like a challenge than something you’d actually want to eat” precise The Street. Is Best 34, by its nickname, a culinary revolution? No. But it will still have the merit of existing and of offering the consumer several thousand unlikely combinations of tastes…

Customers will be able to choose a base from a wide selection of sauces, we learn on hypebeast : they are free to opt for mayonnaise, a white sauce, a tomato sauce, or, for the most developed palates, a delicate basil sauce. The Best 34 is for all meat lovers: between pancetta, pork sausages, beef ribs and teriyaki chicken, there’s something for everyone! The choice of cheese is also crucial: Gouda, cheddar, Camembert from Hokkaido… As a topping, they can perfect the balance of this pizza (already too garnished) by sprinkling a few mushrooms, cherry tomatoes or even pieces of asparagus (?).

Note that, for now, the Best 34 is only available in Japan. Its price is between 2,750 and 5,500 yen, or between 22 and 43 euros, on the spot or to take away.

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