Dolce Pasta, a restaurant dedicated to pasta, opens rue du Lycée in Saint-Omer

A restaurant dedicated to pasta opens at 23, rue du Lycée, in Saint-Omer, at the end of May.

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A new restaurant will open at 23, rue du Lycée, just opposite the Jesuit Chapel. The old Chicha had closed its doors a few years ago. The young Abdoul-Kadri Cissé and his partner, Cidjy Robert, have just completely renovated it and transformed it into a restaurant.

Dolce Pasta, as its name suggests, will be a restaurant specializing in pasta. Pasta in all its forms, with cream, bolognese, carbonara, Neapolitan… But the chef will not only have that to offer, fresh fries, vegetables, hamburgers and a student menu will also be on the slate.

” To be different ”

Why this concept? ” In catering for six years, I opened a grocery store in Roubaix, but I came to Audomarois to join my wife and I wanted to launch this concept which does not exist very much, we had to innovate and be different. », explains the young restaurateur.

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