Dolby Atmos arrives for Disney+

Freebox subscribers with Apple TV 4K: Dolby Atmos arrives for Disney+

In a recent update to Apple TV, Disney+ now includes Spatial Audio.

A new version that will delight some audiophiles and annoy others. Indeed, for the past few days, version 2.9.5 of Disney+ has been deployed on Android TV and on tvOS and provides support for Dolby Atmos for Apple TV 4K holders. It is thus possible to connect your Airpods 2, 3, Pro or Pro Max to your TV box to enjoy spatialized sound, provided that the films are compatible.

A necessary upgrade since previously, content marked as compatible was only offered in 5.1 due to a software limitation. In concrete terms, your favorite films on the platform will thus be able to offer a more immersive experience, provided that you wear compatible headphones or earphones.

As a reminder, Disney+ is offered as an option for Freebox subscribers and the application is available on all players with the exception of the Freebox Revolution.

Some feature private subscribers

However, this news does not make everyone happy. Indeed, a large number of devices running Android TV such as Sony televisions, the Nvidia Shield or the Google Chromecast find themselves deprived of the functionality, whereas they were compatible before. No communication has been made for the moment, but a software bug could be the cause: some users indicate having found this function shortly after having lost it. Those who absolutely want to benefit from it will then have to reinstall on their own a version prior to the recently deployed update.

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