Did you know? He slept with Johnny Hallyday, this day when they went too far revealed!

A few days ago, Michel Sardou confided in his relationship with Johnny Hallyday in the media. For the occasion, the singer revealed a hilarious anecdote, which could have become a totally false rumor. The Objeko editorial staff will tell you what exactly it is. Are you ready ?

Michel Sardou and Johnny Hallyday together?

Michel Sardou and Johnny Hallyday have shared many good times together, to say the least. Moreover, the interpreter of ” France told a hilarious anecdote in the media a few days ago. Indeed, this one could well have earned them a strange reputation. He tells : ” It was a story in a hotel, very funny. We were exhausted. I think we had done nearly 400 kilometers on a motorcycle. And we arrive in a hotel, which had been reserved by the production of Restos du Coeur, I believe. So the boss of the hotel had put the royal room, the presidential room, etc. We were so exhausted, that we go into the first, we take off our boots, we fuck on the bed and we go to bed.

Caught in the act by the hotel manager, he couldn’t hold his tongue. Indeed, the latter thought that Johnny Hallyday and Michel Sardou were together: “ The boss on the way down said to his employees: ‘Did you know that Sardou and Johnny slept together, did you?’…”. An anecdote that brings back memories to the singer. It must be said that in recent years, between the two, the story has not been as simple as that.

The reason for the falling out between the two singers

Since May 6, the autobiography of Michel Sardou, I’m not dead… I’m sleeping! (XO editions) was released in bookstores. In it, the singer makes some confidences and in particular on his friendship with Johnny Hallyday. A friendship that ended abruptly. And precisely, he explains to us what had happened exactly so that the rocker never speaks to him again. “It’s the longest of my friendships. And certainly one of the most beautiful, we had a really good time for 30 years. Unfortunately, I made a mistake, a mistake,” he began by saying.

But what could he have said for there to be a total rupture between them? Well, the editorial staff of Objeko will tell you. Thus, in one of these concerts, Michel Sardou improvised and made fun of Johnny Hallyday, his clan and Switzerland. A joke that came to the ears of the rocker: “ I did it without meaning any harm but someone went to tell him again. This person told him that I made fun of his children. At no moment ! he confided. But when we look more closely at the sentence in question, we understand the nervousness of the singer.

Michel Sardou hopes to reconcile with Johnny Hallyday up there

So what we can tell you is that the origin of the falling out is a sentence about Johnny Hallyday’s daughters. Indeed, Michel Sardou had made a not funny joke on the subject:“I said about his two little girls who you saw everywhere in the newspapers: “It’s going to be difficult to put them on skis” because he had just bought a chalet in Switzerland. Well, it’s neither funny nor mean but he took it very badly“. Despite the attempts to patch up the interpreter of “I’m sick”, the rocker never wanted to know anything about his former friend.

Today, Michel Sardou regrets his sentence and regrets not having been able to speak to Johnny Hallyday before his death. Indeed, a friendship of more than thirty years cannot be forgotten like that. Moreover, the singer hopes to be able to reconcile with his former friend in paradise: “ With Johnny, we will reconcile up there“. Anyway, that’s all we can wish for him. Feel free to react to this article in the comments. Objeko’s editorial staff always reads everything.

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