Did Nathalie from “Secret Story” just announce her pregnancy at 50? The most famous cougar drops a bombshell!

After Amandine Pellissard, or even Camélia and Tarek Benattia, Jeremstar went to Corsica to embed himself in the daily life of Nathalie Andreani and Gabano Manenc. The two former reality TV candidates have been in a relationship for “five months” after meeting at the Miss Aesthetics contest. Moreover, this announcement had surprised many Internet users. “I didn’t know her, but we got on really well. After that, we met again in Paris, but we also have a business in common“, explained the ex-participant at the Villa des Broken Hearts and to Princes of Love.

For just under 50 minutes, the two lovebirds reveal details of their very lucrative business. If Gabano is not yet, Vivian’s ex says it without language of wood: “You could say that I am a millionaire”, she let go. But what shocked the blogger the most was the revelation made by the couple. “She may be pregnant”, released the beautiful brown. “If tomorrow we want a child, no one will say anything“, declared the fiftieth who insists on the fact that “it looked at them”.

“It would be complicated”she however declared before revealing that she had no more means of contraception and that she had to take a pregnancy test…

A revelation that is likely to make more than one talk!

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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