Death of Michel Berger: this top model with whom he cheated on France Gall…

His name is inseparable from that of France Gall. And yet, during his lifetime, Michel Berger did not love just one and only one woman. The singer, who has been missing for just 30 years, on August 2, 2022, could well have ended his days with another. Married to the interpreter of wax doll, doll of his since the year 1976, he would have lived an idyll with a certain Béatrice Grimm … and would have even considered leaving everything to settle, in the United States, with her.

He simply wanted to start a new life with her, as we learned for the first time in the book. Michel Berger, the star with a broken heart by Grégoire Colard, the artist’s press officer, and Alain Morel, published in 2010 by Flammarion editions. “She is German, top model, talk show presenter, tall with her 78 meter and very beautiful, model in Paris, was said about him in the columns of the newspaper The evening. He meets her at a dinner party. She works for a big agency. She had an affair with Timothy Dalton, the Welsh James Bond, then with rocker Billy Joël. She is thinking of starting a career as a singer.

Beatrice immediately falls in love

It is with France Gall that Michel Berger lived, sang and had two beautiful children: Pauline Isabelle, born on the of cystic fibrosis and Raphaël Michel, born on

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