Death of Marie Trintignant: this last distressing SMS sent to her mother before the tragedy, revelations

Marie Trintignant died on August 1, 2003. It was under the blows of Bertrand Cantat, her companion, that the daughter of Nadine and Jean-Louis Trintignant – disappeared on June 17, 2022 – died. But before dying, there was this last exchange between Marie Trintignant and her mother. It was on the occasion of the broadcast of a documentary that Nadine Trintignant devoted to her, that Marie’s mother gave herself up to TV Star. She then revealed the content of this SMS received”two weeks before the tragedy.

A few words borrowed from Baudelaire, a verse that must have marked her and which was accompanied by an agonizing personal confidence. “A verse from Baudelaire: ‘Be wise oh my pain and keep quieter’ and it was signed: ‘Your daughter-in-law beaten.’” The director is already very worried about her daughter. But Marie Trintignant reassures her shortly after, telling her that everything was “arranged” in her couple. Nadine Trintignant had then thought that the couple had separated and that Bertrand Cantat, whose name she refuses to pronounce, had ended up accepting it. The sequence of events, and especially this tragic end will finally give him wrong.

Nadine Trintignant got “angry”

In this documentary titled Marie Trintignant, your shattered dreams, Nadine Trintignant evoked the fate of battered women but refused to allow her daughter to become a standard bearer. “One evening, I even got angry because she told me she wanted to stop her job for two years, on the pretext of taking care of her four sons. It was clear that it was her killer who wanted to see her give it all up“, she confided. Her four sons are Novelhis eldest, 36 years old, fruit of his love with the drummer of the group Telephone, Richard Kolinka, Paul Cluzet29, son Marie Trintignant had with François Cluzet, Leonfrom his relationship with Mathias Othnin-Girad, 26 years old today, and finally the youngest Jules Benchetrit, son of Samuel Benchetrit, aged 24. Four brothers who had a hard time rebuilding themselves after this terrible tragedy that took their mother away from them.

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