Death of Marie Trintignant: rare photos of her son Paul Cluzet, a perfect replica of his famous parents

The death of Marie Trintignant, which occurred 19 years ago on August 1, 2022, marked the spirits. Died under the blows of Bertrand Cantat in 2003, she left behind her loved ones, her parents Nadine and Jean-Louis Trintignant – who disappeared on June 17, 2022 –, but also her four sons, the fruit of different love stories. One of them Paul CluzeHe is the son of Marie Trintignant and François Cluzet. Today what becomes of the discreet young man of 29 years ?

If his brothers Roman Kolinka, 36, the fruit of Marie Trintignant’s love affair with the drummer of the Telephone group, Richard Kolinka, and Jules Benchetrit, son of Samuel Benchetrit, have chosen to stay in the world of cinema, Paul Cluzet has been drawn to writing. moved to Australia”for a love story“, a few years ago, as his dad explained in the program Thé ou Café broadcast in 2015, he had the ambition to become a writer. It’s done, as revealed by his grandmother Nadine Trintignant, at Gala, last January. “Paul written but won’t show me yet when my editor wants to read it“, she confided.

The confidences of Jean-Louis Trintignant on Paul Cluzet

In 2020, it was Jean-Louis Trintignant who in turn also made some precious secrets about Paul in the columns of Nice morning : “Paul, who is a poet, travels a lot and not stupidly. He hitchhikes, meets people. (…) He told me that progress has always been made by people like me. And he’s right. It is true that I am not optimistic.“Very discreet, Paul Cluzet has decided to keep his profile private on Instagram. The rare photos of him, such as those where he accompanied his famous father to the funeral of Alain Corneau in 2010, testify to his striking resemblance to his parents.

What happens to his brothers Roman, Léon and Jules?

Marie Trintignant had three other children: Léon Othnin-Girard (born in 1996 from her love affair with Mathias Othnin-Girard), Roman Kolinka (born in 1986 from the union of the actress with Richard Kolinka) and Jules Benchetrit (born in 1998 , fruit of his love with Samuel Benchetrit). Nadine Trintignant gave news of her grandchildren, last January. “Novel has restaurants, he tours and works a lot […] Leon works in catering. jules is an actor. He will soon play Sami Frey in the film that Danièle Thompson is making on Brigitte Bardot“, she had let know.

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