Dany Boon, victim of a scam for more than 6 million euros in Ireland

The actor claims to have been defrauded by a man posing as an “Irish lord”. According to his lawyer, he would have entrusted him with 6.7 million euros between April and July 2021.

Dany Boon scammed by an “Irish Lord”? According to his lawyer, Rossa Fanning, quoted by the Irish daily Irish Examinerthe actor accuses Thierry Fialek-Birles, alias Terry Birles – also known by other pseudonyms – of having defrauded him of 6.7 million euros, between April and July 2021.

As Rossa Fanning points out, the actor hired Thierry Fialek-Birles in 2021 to carry out the maintenance of his yacht, called Umaren. The man would later have advised him to use another company, South Seas Merchants Mariners Ltd Partnership (SSMM), registered in Dublin. To reassure the actor, Thierry Fialek-Birles assures him that his family, experts in maritime law, is at the origin of the creation of the company.

Attractive offer

In confidence, Dany Boon pays around 2.2 million to the SSMM for renovation work on his yacht. Thierry Fialek-Birles also offers the actor, in July 2021, to invest in his company through the Irish central bank, according to Rossa Fanning.

An attractive offer, since the individual guarantees him 3.25% annual interest, non-taxable. Seduced, the actor would then have invested 4.5 million euros in the company SSMM, as indicated by his lawyer in theIrish Examiner.

But four months later, the SSMM company was bought by the Italian “Rossi” family. Notified of this change of ownership, the star of Welcome to the Ch’tis decides to reclaim his invested funds. He then learns that his money has been transferred to accounts in Panama and South Korea, but that it will be returned to him. Dany Boon assures that he never recovered this money.

Legal procedures

Always close to Thierry Fialek-Birles, at the time of the facts, Dany Boon is informed by an anonymous source that he is probably the victim of a scam. The actor then instructs his lawyers to investigate this case. They discover that the “Rossi family” does not exist. Same observation for the SSMM and the investment program with the Irish central bank.

According to’Irish Examiner, the 6.7 million euros collected by Terry Birles via this scam were used to buy and renovate a house in Ireland and a sailboat currently participating in races.

Dany Boon and his lawyers have since initiated numerous legal proceedings against Thierry Fialek-Birles. On July 13, the Irish justice system urgently froze all the assets of this individual’s various companies on Irish soil. According to theIrish Examiner, a new hearing is scheduled for next week. The court’s decision is not yet known.

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