Dany Boon: the actor victim of a scam estimated at more than 6 million euros

According to the Irish site Irish Examiner, Dany Boon was the victim of a scam set up by a man who managed to steal more than 6 million euros from him by convincing him to invest in a fraudulent company.

Notice of storm. According to the Irish site Irish Examiner, Dany Boon was defrauded of more than 6 million euros by a man posing as a lord, a member of a noble and old Irish family. The latter, who calls himself Terry Birles, was approached by the French actor who wanted to insure and maintain his yacht. The individual would then have persuaded him to call on his company, the South Sea Merchant’s Mariners Ltd Partnership (SSMM). And to invest money there via a scheme affiliated with the Irish Central Bank, giving it the promise of a fine financial operation.

Dany Boon would have spent more than 2 million euros in the renovation of his yacht, and invested more than 4 million euros in the company in question. In total, the comedian would have entrusted 6.7 million euros in the operation, before doubt set in after being warned anonymously by a former victim revealing to him that it was ‘a scam. All of the money sent to this fraudulent company would have been placed in accounts in Panama and South Korea.

According to the investigation conducted by the authorities, the fraudster used several aliases to scam his victims via the construction of a vast network of obscure companies.

The dispute is currently being examined by the Irish courts, and Dany Boon hopes to be able to recover all or part of his money. The actor’s lawyers succeeded in obtaining a temporary freezing of the assets of the fraudster up to the amount of the damage. Case to follow.

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