Damien Thévenot as a couple: secrets about his love life!

Present since 1998 within France 2, Damien Thévenot had been hired as soon as he left his studies within France Televisions. Very young at the time, the man managed to climb the ladder until he obtained the job dreamed of by most television columnists: host! Presenter of Morning TV from

On June 16, 2021, Laurent Ruquier’s former columnist on the show We’re going to get embarrassed has also shared a snapshot way Harcourt in full hug with his dog.

Happy birthday to our little Jazz… 7 years old today! he wrote in the caption. 6 years and 10 months of happiness, bursts of laughter in front of his jokes (…) Only the owners of animals will forgive me for being gaga about it but they will know why. A dog includes everything he shares with a lot of licks your happiness when you are happy but on the contrary he knows how to be so calm, so gentle, when life sends you hard blows.”

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