Concern – Singer Daniel Levi with cancer: The singer’s wife announces “that time is running out” in a very disturbing message published this afternoon on social networks – Video

For several months now, singer Daniel Levi has been battling cancer, giving his news from time to time himself or through the messages full of love from his wife. Last week, his companion announced that the singer had just started a new treatment protocol.

But, this Thursday, still on Daniel Levi’s Instagram account, Sandrine talks about her state of health by inviting her fans to pray for her companion. “Dear friends, My husband Daniel Haim ben Sarah needs tephilots (prayers). I am counting on you. Sandrine”, she wrote on the social network.

“Our friend, the singer Daniel Lévi needs our prayers more than ever to heal, now! Time is running out, let’s mobilize and act immediately.”continues the message.

We know that the singer has been suffering since last April from complications following the colon cancer he fought in 2019. Daniel Lévi had therefore been hospitalized and operated on urgently on April 13, 2022.

Earlier this month, his wife explained that he was “still recovering” and a few days ago she wrote:

“Our friend, the singer Daniel Lévi has just started a new treatment protocol. Let’s pray together for his complete recovery! Together we are stronger and Hashem [l’un des noms donnés à Dieu dans la religion juive] will hear all your prayers. Thanks, Sandra.”

Daniel Lévi was born on August 26, 1961 in Constantine, Algeria. He was very young when the whole family left Algeria to settle in Lyon. He grew up in the district of La Duchère within a family of seven children and very quickly developed a passion for music. Registered at the Lyon Conservatory of Music, he took piano lessons for about ten years. At 18, not very interested in studies, he left high school to try his luck and become a musician.

In the early 80s, Daniel Lévi was hired as a pianist in a Parisian club. In 1993, Daniel Lévi sang the title Ce rêve bleu in duet and began to make himself known. In 2000, his career took off with the musical The Ten Commandments produced by Elie Chouraqui and Pascal Obispo. He embodies Moïse and interprets the title L’Envie d’aimer which will allow him to be revealed to the general public.

On the private side, Daniel Lévi has two children with his wife Laure; a son, Rephael, and a daughter Rivka. But in 2014, the couple separated. Daniel Lévi has an eldest son, Abel, born from a previous union. On October 7, 2018, he married Sandrine Aboukrat, his companion for two years, in Marseille. On July 15, 2022, the singer announced on Instagram the birth of their daughter. (Source: Gala)


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