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Want a quick and hassle-free meal? The one pot pasta is the solution to concoct a complete and tasty dish. No more dishes that accumulate and lengthy preparations, you will love cooking these recipes.

The one pot, quesaco?

As its name suggests, the one pot consists of cook a complete dish in a single container. Most often it consists of a base (pasta, rice, wheat, quinoa, etc.), fresh vegetables and possibly meat or fish. With this technique, no need to multiply the dishes and manage several preparations at the same time. Everything happens in one and the same pan. We then obtain an original and gourmet dish. All without spending hours in the kitchen.

How to prepare this dish?

To cook it, nothing could be simpler: just place pasta, rice or any other raw cereal in a large saucepan or pot. Then add vegetables cut into pieces and possibly a raw meat of your choice (diced chicken, strips of beef, etc.). Then cover with water or broth and cook until the liquid is absorbed. The principle ? Not having to drain the preparation and being able to go to the table directly.

The best one pot pasta recipes:

Preparing a one pot with pasta has an advantage. Indeed, by putting very little water in the pan, you will not need to drain the preparation after cooking and will thus preserve all the starch contained in the pasta. Results ? You will obtain a creamy and well bound sauce.

One Pot Creamy Chicken Farfalle Pasta

One pot pasta with salmon, spinach and cherry tomatoes

One pot mushroom pasta

One pot mediterranean pasta

One pot pasta with Cookeo

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