Coming out of a coma, a 12-year-old child with “mental deficiencies”

Victim of contamination by E. coli bacteria after eating a Buitoni brand pizza in February 2022, a 12-year-old child found herself in a vegetative state after being placed in a coma. The girl finally came out of a coma in May but suffers from mental illness, her parents told RMCMonday, July 25, 2022.

“It’s a miracle for us. Even the doctors initially didn’t think she was going to make it.”, reacted the father of the victim. Since waking up, her daughter has been spending her days in a rehabilitation center and her nights at her parents’ home. “She walks, she talks, she eats again. She came home, it’s already a great good “he added to the microphone of our colleagues.

“Mental deficiencies”

But the child still had many consequences, toxins produced by the bacteria having reached his brain. “She has mental deficiencies, a lot of memory loss. She doesn’t recognize everyone. She lost the equivalent of four years of her life., revealed the father of the family. According to him, “his mental age is between 8 and 10 years old, maximum”. A state of health confirmed by the mother of the child who says she is very worried about the situation. “She is no longer the same at all. She has a character that has changed enormously. We don’t recognize her anymore.”she said.

Among the victims identified last spring, many are recovering and being followed by specialists. Others, on the other hand, are struggling to recover. The parents of a 7-year-old child also infected with the bacteria told RMC that she was out of a coma but is at risk of amputation due to leg problems. She also suffers from heart problems.

Still no auditions

Since the revelation of the case, two children have died, although the link with the pizzas has not been confirmed in their cases, and 56 have been affected by haemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), according to the latest report from Santé Publique France dated May 4, 2022. In May, a judicial investigation had been opened for manslaughter and involuntary injuries. This had revealed maintenance and cleaning defects at the Caudry (North) factory which manufactures the pizzas and which belongs to Nestlé. The investigation is continuing but for the time being, no hearing has been carried out, which the families of the victims deplore.

The boss of Nestlé France, Christophe Cornu, apologized in July and promised the opening of a “HUS victim support fund” from 1er september. An internal investigation had also been opened to try to detect the origin of the contamination. This should make its first conclusions within a few weeks.

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