Claudio Capéo: “Big move” in sight with his wife and children, he explains why

Two years after the success of his Italian album think about you, a tribute to his roots and his clan, the singer Claudio Capéo is working on his return. He released the title Let it go, harbinger of a new album expected in a few months. He gave an interview to the magazine We both in the heart of summer. And he makes an announcement about a change in his personal life.

As we entered the second month of the long vacation period, Claudio Capéo has already taken advantage of a summer getaway with his family and is now busy to … move. “I went on vacation for two weeks with my family to take it easy [il est le papa de Roméo, 3 ans, et César, 8 ans, nés de son histoire avec sa femme Aurélie, ndlr]. Then we have a big move planned“, he thus confided to We both. And the 37-year-old singer, who lives in Alsace, to explain this change of life not so radical as that: “I’m getting a little closer to my parents. They lived two kilometers from us. From now on, we will be able to go to their house on foot. It’s important for children to enjoy their nonna [grand-mère] and their nonno [grand-père]. At least they will be able to see them often.

Claudio Capéo, who was used as a child to go to Italy for two months with his family who remained there and wishes to continue going there with his clan “once a year“at least, has always had his mind turned towards his own.”We forget because we are caught up in work, everyday life, and we put everything off until later. But it’s always worth dropping everything for our loved ones who are essential to us“, he says, delighted to pack up to be closer to his parents.

After this summer in the middle of the boxes, the singer went through the show The Voice will get back to work. “Then I’ll shoot the clip of Let it gotake pictures for the cover and go back to the studio at the end of August to release the album in October or November“, adds the artist.

The confidences of Claudio Capéo can be found in We bothon newsstands August 2, 2022.

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