Claude Dartois and Laurent Maistret: Their holidays go wrong, images of chaos shared

Since their meeting in Koh Lanta, Claude Dartois and Laurent Maistret formed a strong friendship. So much so that the two adventurers go on vacation together. For this summer of 2022, they have decided to head for Barcelona, ​​Spain. Claude Dartois was also accompanied by his companion Virginie, mother of his two children (Andrea and Marceau), for the occasion. But barely arrived that their stay took an unexpected turn.

Indeed, while they were expecting to spend a beautiful afternoon at the busy Barceloneta beach on Friday August 5, Claude and Laurent suffered the brunt of the violent weather that hit Catalonia. Very impressive storms caused by the heat wave hit the city and the rest of the region, forcing walkers to quickly evacuate the beaches and other tourist areas. On Instagram, Claude Dartois shared a video summary of their misadventure. Umbrellas flying away at breakneck speed, panicked people running in all directions, a most threatening sky, heavy rain… the images are impressive! “A quiet day at the beach with: @laurentmaistret, @virginie_milano, @bysanaaa“, quipped the famous adventurer, whose reputation was tarnished by cases of cheating in Koh Lanta.

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