Christophe Izard, the “dad” of the famous Casimir of “L’île aux enfants” and creator of “Wednesday visitors” died today, leaving generations of viewers orphans – Video

Christophe Izard, the “dad” of the famous Casimir of “L’île aux enfants” died today, leaving generations of viewers orphans. Christophe Izard, died this Sunday, we learned from his former teams who paid tribute to him on social networks. The famous television producer was 85 years old.

Biography Christophe Izard (Source:

Born on May 30, 1937 in Paris, after his baccalaureate continued studying law. Christophe Izard began as a saxophonist in a jazz orchestra. This lover of music and entertainment then worked at Jazz Magazine and for TV program newspapers. He became a columnist for France Soir and the JDD.

The ORTF opened its doors to him in 1968: he then tasted the job of variety producer (A l’annonce du monde, -a program for which he won the prize for “best TV man of the year” in 1970- Tilt ou L Sunday guest). He also participated in the television news of the time: Info première.

He also wrote detective novels (La mort par pitié, Place aux amateurs) and a collection on Gilbert Bécaud.

In 1974, he began his successful career in youth programs and created essential programs: L’île aux enfants, Wednesday visitors, Brock and Chnock, The village in the clouds, Salut Les Mickey, Zappe-Zappeur. Among other awards, he received the Kangourou d’or 1977 from Télé Poche and L’Oscar from Télémagazine.

With the privatization of TF1, IZARD was replaced in 1987 by Dorothée. Christophe IZARD is recovering on Antenne 2 by taking over from Jacqueline JOUBERT. In the early 90s, he was given the position of Production Director at France Animation (Albert the 5th Musketeer, Robinson Sucroë.).

From then on, he became an independent producer for the Youth Unit of France 2 and launched Hanna Barbera Dingue Dong. Today, Christophe IZARD divides his time between his animation scriptwriting classes that he gives at EMCA (Angoulême), and writing scripts for the Petit Livre Casimir, Tamino editions and his future projects.

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