Charles Beaulieu launches its pasta food truck concept, Pasta Fit, in Nevers and the surrounding area

Covid has been there. His line of business has been going through some ups and downs lately. Charles Beaulieu began to think about another complementary activity, “without the constraint of a health pass, to diversify and stay here”. That’s where his friends and employees were really helpful in coming up with a concept of itinerant catering prepared on board a food truck.

First step, we had to find vehicles to transform into a restaurant truck. Not too hassle. Charles Beaulieu last year bought two HY Citroëns, those famous utility vans better known as the Tube. “It was wreckage. I got them back.” In the mind of Charles Beaulieu, a question runs: what to do with these vans?? Admittedly, he left for a restaurant truck, only here, what to offer as dishes??

“Everyone loves and eats pasta”

And now a good pasta dish pops up in front of his eyes. “Everyone loves and eats pasta,” remarks Charles Beaulieu. To accommodate them, all you have to do is let your inventiveness run wild: a varied range, different types, several tastes, many sauces… For Charles Beaulieu, one thing is obvious: “who says dough, says Italy”.

The Pasta Fit adventure is taking shape. Not quite yet. Finally, Charles Beaulieu resold his Tubes and preferred to buy scooters. He is well aware that to transform them into food trucks, the bar is high. ” It is tiny. For a food truck, it’s the least suitable vehicle”. We had to design a layout that was as optimized as possible: “hold the pasta, the water, everything you need for cooking in a vehicle that measures 3 m by 1 m 20”. Successful bet. The first pasta food truck was parked on Charles Beaulieu’s stand during the Nevers fair. The Ridge of the N7 in Pougues-les-Eaux, Sunday April 3, served as a trial run. Its nice little side, its bright yellow color, its Italian flavors seduced the first palates.

Charles Beaulieu would like to deploy a fleet of four pasta tricycles

For the vehicle part, it’s almost settled. Charles Beaulieu would like to deploy a fleet of four pasta scooters. “One that will turn on the agglomeration at noon?; one for private events?; one on weekends during events and one at Wood Fit in the evening for take-out”.

For raw materials, you need pasta and suppliers. Charles Beaulieu sources only from Italian importers. To do this, he goes to the Rungis market every week.

A food truck is currently in service. Charles Beaulieu is recruiting staff to run the Pasta Fit fleet.

And now?? If we were going to taste these famous pasta??


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