Shunned by locals, Domino’s Pizza leaves Italy

Established in the country since 2015, the chain has not managed to compete with the country’s restaurateurs, who have multiplied agreements with delivery platforms. The last 29 Domino’s Pizza locations have closed, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. Entering Italy in 2015 through a franchise agreement with ePizza Spa, the American chain planned at the time to … Read more

over a wood fire, in the heart… Where to find the pizzerias best rated by the people of Nice?

Pizza is a must. In Nice, there are countless restaurants that concoct this Italian specialty. But where to find the best in town? To respond to the question, Nice-​Presse based on Tripadvisor ratings. A ranking that completes our first top of the favorite pizzerias of Nice, based on an election organized on Instagram. 1. The … Read more

“Our daughter is in a vegetative state”, the overwhelming testimony of the parents of a victim

“It is one of the most terrible scandals of recent years”, says the lawyer who took on this case. Laetitia Lienhard Léna, 12, is “locked in her body» after eating a Buitoni pizza contaminated with E. coli. Stunned, his parents say they “lost [leur] daughter”. “She was near death. She is now locked in her … Read more

Victims of contaminated Buitoni pizzas, parents from Occitanie testify: “I did not know how to protect my children from a piece of pizza”

the essential A family from Hérault saw their life changed when their children aged 5 and 10 were poisoned by E.coli bacteria after eating a Buitoni pizza. They suffer from severe kidney damage. Testimony. Aurélie, 34, and her husband John, 40, led “a normal family life”. Everything was turned upside down when their two sons … Read more