Jean-Luc Reichmann and his wife Nathalie Lecoultre in bed: an unprecedented intimate shot!

The benevolence of Jean-Luc Reichmann is not just a legend. Indeed, between Nathalie and him, it is the great love. We tell you everything! Jean-Luc Reichmann is no longer a heart to take! In this documentary, we discover incredible things about Jean-Luc Reichmann. Ready for any sacrifice to have a long career, he was unaware … Read more

Visual Suspect – “What a wonderful moment”, “Very moving”, “Too touching really”: a surprise addressed to comedian Booder upsets the web

TF1 direct/Visual Suspect screen capture Unexpected reunions. This Friday July 29, 2022 in Visual Suspect on TF1, Arthur has a big surprise in store for Booder. The comedian was able to find a “young person” whom he took care of twenty years ago, and whom he considered his “son”. A sincere sequence, which has greatly … Read more

Booba declares war on influencers whom he accuses of “swindling the consumer”

New fight for the Duke of Boulogne. Far from the world of music this time. Rapper Booba has denounced to justice what he considers to be “misleading commercial practices” of “influencers” linked to the popess of reality TV Magali Berdah, who accuses him of harassment, according to his complaints revealed by Release and consulted Friday … Read more


The forecast HOHNECK… and the others! Gifted horse, able to do everything in a course, Hohneck has asserted itself in recent months among the elite of French trotting aged horses, and has just made a convincing start over the distance, easily winning from start to finish on the mile of La Capelle on July … Read more