Castres. A distributor of artisanal pizzas and a lottery to win your 2nd pizza

Bruno Mailhé “Proxi pizza” and Alexis, his partner, for 3 years, have just installed a distributor of artisanal pizzas like no other, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in the Mélou area, near Passebosc. , at 23 rue Ludovic Julien.

For 10 years, the young entrepreneur Bruno has been shining in the region with a truck, concocts his pizzas in his laboratory in Roquecourbe, sells them in his kiosk, still in Roquecourbe and recently supplies his distributor every day in Mélou, in Castres, with several peculiarities.

Bruno emphasizes the preparation: “the dough is fresh, made every morning. The dispenser can hold 96 pizzas; the customer can choose between 13 different pizzas and the pizza of the month! 8 hours before the expiry date, the customer can get a second free pizza by spinning a lottery wheel on the touch screen…jackpot or not!”. Bruno further specifies that “the customer can get a hot pizza in 3 minutes and can also choose to heat it later at home. In this case, he gets his pizza in thirty seconds, always a fresh pizza, nothing frozen” . For a fun aspect and to build customer loyalty, the pizza maker insists on the quality of his pizzas and the idea of ​​winning a second pizza, with this lottery game which is already hitting the mark among his amused customers at this opportunity.

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