Cancer: Daniel Levi’s wife announces that the singer will follow a new protocol and asks to pray for him and for “his complete recovery”

It’s a daily fight that touches all his fans… For several months now, singer Daniel Levi has been fighting cancer, giving his news from time to time himself or through messages full of love. of his wife. And precisely, this afternoon, it is his wife, Sandrine, who gives news.

We know that the singer has been suffering since last April from complications following the colon cancer he fought in 2019.

Daniel Lévi had therefore been hospitalized and operated on urgently on April 13, 2022.

At the beginning of the month, his wife explained that he was “still recovering” and this afternoon she takes the floor to explain that the singer will follow a new protocol:

“Our friend, the singer Daniel Lévi has just started a new treatment protocol. Let’s pray together for his complete recovery! Together we are stronger and Hashem [l’un des noms donnés à Dieu dans la religion juive] will hear all your prayers. Thanks, Sandra.”

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