Camille Cerf separated from Cyrille: she hoped to go as far as marriage with him…

Camille Cerf will be on screen this Friday August 5 on the TF1 antennas in the show The tourists presented by the indefatigable Arthur. The opportunity to return to the love life of the former Miss France, and more particularly to her separation from physiotherapist Cyrille Roty, which she announced in December 2020 to her fans on her Instagram account, while the couple had been formalized in February 2019, Valentin’s Day. If she reassured everyone by explaining that she was far from unhappy“, she did not manage to hide her disappointment.

“I had founded a lot of hope in this year“, she said. And for good reason, just a few months before this breakup, the pretty blonde had expressed her desire to marry him to the magazine Closer. I’m waiting for the request… After two months of relationship, I sent Cyrille two models of engagement rings, just in case… I’m 25, I feel good professionally. I want to build“, she then revealed.

In love again since

Their story had however taken time to get under way, in particular because of a problem of character in the young man. We have been together for over a year. But we met seven years ago. We did the same student job, salespeople in a clothing store“, she confided, explaining that a romance with him was not yet relevant because she found him”too soft“.

This is not what suited me at the time. We stayed in touch. We saw each other over a drink. Maybe he wanted to know if I had changed since Miss France? Yes, definitely, but in a good way. Him maybe too… Suddenly, we get along better” she added. But their story will not have lasted in the end. The native of Calais will formalize her relationship a few months later with a certain Théo Fleury. A story that obviously lasts, since the two lovebirds have recently decided to buy a house together. Long life to the couple!

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