But why did Katy Perry throw pizzas at people?

It’s the same absurd of the moment. In a short video, we see singer Katy Perry, in a club, throwing slices of pizza to the crowd from a DJ booth.

The video was shot on July 31 at a Las Vegas club, Zouk. Posted on August 1, it has already been viewed more than 6 million times. And as with any good meme, everyone now has their own little joke or comment, like the tweet below (“Katy Perry when she sees a box of pizza”).

“A mother who feeds her children”

The singer, to whom we owe the hits I kissed a girl, Fireworks Where Roarsdid not give an explanation for her gesture, but she retweeted the video with this comment: “A mother who feeds her children”.

Katy Perry is currently in Las Vegas as part of her “Residence Play”, a series of concerts at the Resorts World Las Vegas theater. She sings there until August 13 and will return from October 5 to 22.

Her partner, actor Orlando Bloom, is currently in Australia, where he posts photos of animals and videos of him doing sports. Maybe there will be some pizza left when he gets back?

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