Buitoni pizzas: other incriminated ranges

L’Was the Buitoni case settled by the withdrawal-recall of pizzas from the Fraîch’Up range? Nothing is less certain, according to the testimonies of consumers which are multiplying. After Christina, interviewed on BFMTV, a young woman who was hospitalized for six days after consuming a pizza from the Bella Napoli range, it is the turn of Sonia, a mother – the same one who had received a voucher purchase of 20 euros – to point to a third range of pizzas from the brand acquired by Nestlé: the Four à Pierre.

The two files are however very different: in one case, it concerns a pizza made in Italy (a country where there was no recall); in the other, a cooked dough pizza also made in the Caudry factory (North) – stopped since March 18. The problem, this one did not benefit from a withdrawal-recall, unlike the Fraîch’Up, which is involved in the majority of contaminations with E. coli (55 people affected, mainly children, according to Public Health France).

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A causal link to be established

Sonia is certain, it was not the Fraîch’Up, she brings out her receipt showing the two Four à Pierre pizzas purchased at the Super U in Châtellerault on March 9. Three hours after eating it, her daughter, Mila, 7, fell ill; in the Poitiers emergency room, he was diagnosed with acute pyelonephritis. The child is out of trouble, but she still complains of abdominal pain. After a sample, an infectious bacterium, E. coli, was indeed found in the girl, but the causal link between this bacterium and the targeted pizza has not yet been proven.

Contacted by Buitoni’s consumer service – “a pretext to obtain medical information”, according to her lawyer, Me Richard Legrand –, the mother was very clear in designating the Four à Pierre range. For her, “they are aware but they have not said anything”. She is surprised to still see this pizza on the shelves in her supermarket.

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A complaint to come

The departmental directorate for the protection of populations (DDPP) is of course aware of his case and would have even advised him to file a complaint. His lawyer intends to do so in the coming days: a complaint for “involuntary injuries, endangering the lives of others and deception”. “There is concern about other ranges,” says Me Great.

On the side of Buitoni, concerning the range of Bella Napoli pizzas, imported from Italy, we are told that: “All the analyzes carried out on the production of this range of pizzas in the last 12 months do not reveal any anomaly and the product is Fully compliant with quality and food safety criteria. » Concerning the Four à Pierre, manufactured in Caudry, we assure, confident: « There was no recall on the Four à Pierre because there is no problem on the Four à Pierre. »

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