Buitoni pizza scandal: “An absolutely terrible human tragedy”, laments Véran after the death of two children

” Devastated “. The scandal of Buitoni pizzas, contaminated with E. coli bacteria and suspected of having caused the death of two children, is “an absolutely terrible human tragedy”, declared Thursday the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, including families of victims regretted the silence on this case. “There are two children who died from having eaten a pizza (…) I assure you that it is poignant”, he declared on RMC and BFMTV, saying he was “devastated” by this “absolutely human drama terrible” that “should never happen” but “couldn’t have been avoided”.

A total of 55 children and one adult have been infected, without a direct link having been established to date with the consumption of pizzas, according to health authorities. Explaining that the control of food factories “does not fall within (his) ministerial perimeter”, Mr. Véran affirmed that he had done “as soon as there was the alert” in mid-March “everything that could be done in terms of sanitary conditions to ensure that there are no other cases of contamination”.

“Mr. Véran did nothing, we are all waiting for him to stop scrolling”

Parents, however, criticized the minister for his silence on the subject. “He is absent subscribers”, regretted in mid-April on RMC the mother of a 12-year-old girl put in a coma in Nancy. “Mr. Véran did nothing, we are all waiting for him to stop scrolling,” insisted the father of an eight-year-old boy who died in February, in another testimony broadcast Thursday morning by RMC.

In response, the Minister assured that he “(is) fully associated with the pain and distress of this family”, that he “did not have the right to contact” because he had “no to know the identity” of the victims because of medical secrecy. “If they wish to contact me directly, I will obviously answer them”, he added, wishing “there is no ambiguity on (his) emotion” and on “the determination (of the government) to ensuring food security and bringing this story to light”.

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