Buitoni pizza scandal: “A miracle”, Léna, 12, came out of a coma but suffers from “mental deficiencies”

Victim of severe food poisoning after eating a Buitoni pizza, Léna, 12, was in a vegetative state last spring. Her parents gave news of their daughter to our colleagues at RMC.

“It’s a miracle for us.” Two children died and 55 in total were affected by haemolytic uraemic syndrome, after consuming Buitoni brand pizzas. Among the victims of this food scandal, Léna, 12, was in a vegetative state. Coming out of a coma in May, she is in a rehabilitation center during the day, at home at night. His parents testify for RMC.

She walks, she talks again, she eats again

“It’s a miracle, for us”, confides his dad, Cédric, at the microphone of RMC. “Even the doctors initially didn’t think she was going to make it.” Her mom completes: “She’s a fighter.”

Today, the young Léna suffers from mental deficiencies and memory loss, as his dad explains to our colleagues. “His mental age is between 8 and 10 years old, maximum.”

The president of the agri-food group apologized to him in mid-July, four months after the start of the scandal, and promises a support fund for victims, which he will detail on September 1. But for some families, these excuses are not enough.

The result of the analyzes carried out internally should be known in the coming weeks, as specified RMC.

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