Bernay: how to make “pasta a la carbonara”? Good advice from Francesco

Carbonara is a simple and popular recipe. It all depends on the cooking! (©DR)

Francesco Gagliardi to the eye to “make the pasta”, he is Italian and ophthalmologist ! That is to say ! First, what is “the carbonara ? “.

It is a typical dish of Roman cuisine. Invented immediately after the war by a chef from Bologna stationed in Rimini (Emilia-Romagna on the Adriatic). He cooked for the Americans and he used what he had on hand: bacon and powdered eggs. »

When he returned to Rome, this dish flourished. It is a classic of the Eternal City. Only a few ingredients are needed. Natural pasta. Spaghetti is typical; although rigatoni or mezzemaniches (tubes) also do the trick. They work well in meat-rich sauces.

No cream!

We don’t use bacon anymore, in the Peninsula, we prefer brisket. The sauce is made of eggs that are flavored with Pecorino, a very salty sheep’s cheese. Depending on the palate, black pepper can enhance the taste. “But no cream huh! “, especially not.

In memory of Romain, we rush on the Tarpeian rock the Norman barbarians who add more!

“The recipe is very easy,” explains Francesco.

To start, you put the breast already cut into small cubes in a pan (about 125 g). Not too strong and without too much oil. You can also put nothing if you prefer, if there is a little bacon, that’s fine. The flesh must remain crunchy, brown for ten minutes. »

For the sauce, set aside three eggs. One whole, only the yellow for the others.

You start beating the whisk, it makes it creamier and you add 60 g of Pecorino. »

At the same time, put 2 liters of water on the heat for 250 grams of pasta. Be careful, cooking is a sensitive subject:

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Pasta must be hydrated! And move in the pan! »

Lid on the container, wait for a boil worthy of Stromboli. “The pan has to move,” says Francesco.

It’s time to salt. “Me, I put two and a half handfuls of coarse salt but it depends”.

Do not forget to cover (this lowers the temperature). “And only when it starts again, you put the pasta. »

Above all, turn with a spoon!

” Al dente “

Francesco likes the dish to be al dente, “slightly firm to the bite”. To obtain this consistency, refer to the cooking time indicated on the package. One minute before the end, taste.

If it’s on the right track, thirty seconds before, remove the spaghetti, rigatoni or mezzemaniches and fry them for the remaining time in the still hot pan of the breast.

That’s it ! All that remains is to flavor with Pecorino and pepper, according to Francesco’s grandmother’s recipe. buon appetito !


For two people :
250g dough
125 g breast
three eggs
60 g of pecorino

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