Bernard Tapie, what he did before leaving us without telling his family, his wife did not know

Bernard Tapie: 7 months already

The Boss, The Phoenix, Nanar, so many nicknames for one man with multiple lives. Bernard Tapie left us on Sunday October 3, 2021. But his legend will not die any time soon. Sick for years, his double cancer of the stomach and the esophagus ended up getting the better of him, despite a beating attitude to the end.

Bernard Tapie was born into an ordinary family, but he dreamed of an extraordinary destiny. Very young, he launched into song, under the pseudonym Bernard Tapie. It was not the expected success, but never mind, the great man embarked on a second career as a racing driver. After a serious accident and a coma, he decides that it might not be his way after all. And this is where Bernard Tapie began his first successful media life.

The clever and well-informed man buys up bankrupt businesses, puts them back on their feet, then resells them for handsome sums. And it is a huge success! François Mitterrand and Pierre Bérégovoy take him on as Minister, and here again Bernard Tapie shines thanks to his incredible verve, which could be described as loudmouthed or glib, depending on affinities. After a few small run-ins with the law here and there, Le Phénix launched into comedy, again with great success. Always very active, he only takes a step back from his media life when the disease began to become a burden for him. He ended up dying at home, surrounded by his family.

A national tribute for the Boss

The death of Bernard Tapie moved the whole of France. Everyone remembers his positions, his glories, his media presence for decades. We forgive him very easily these few deviations.

The political class has greatly welcomed the great man. Even Jean-Marie Le Pen, his greatest political adversary, paid him a fine tribute: “We talked and we still talk about the ‘Tapie years’, that is to say the exceptional character of his personality, I salute his memory”. At the microphone of RTL, the father of Marine Le Pen added: “I met him several times. He was a fighter, he had fought the disease in a very courageous way”. Emmanuel Macron also personally paid tribute to Bernard Tapie, and especially to his period at the head of Olympique de Marseille: “The face of victory is gone. For all Marseillais, for all football enthusiasts, for me, Bernard Tapie will forever remain the one who, with his energy, commitment and talent, took OM to the roof of Europe.”.

For his funeral in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, his relatives were all there: Jean-Louis Borloo, Basil Boli, Jean-Pierre Papin, Line Renaud, or even Bernard Kouchner. Hundreds of French people applauded his coffin one last time. Bernard Tapie now rests in Marseille, his city of heart, according to his wishes.

The bitter surprise of Bernard Tapie’s family

It has therefore been almost 8 months since Bernard Tapie left us. However, his family has just made a discovery that leaves them with a bitter aftertaste. Indeed, the Boss would have left this world in debt up to his neck.

It is hard to imagine that a man of the stature of Bernard Tapie is in need. However, according to our colleagues from Paris Match, it seems that the great businessman has accumulated around 300 million euros in debt. His widow, Dominique, is in the worst possible condition. Her late husband had however told her that he would do everything to protect her. Except that she now finds herself seeing bailiff bills piling up. One of her close friends confided to our colleagues: “Dominique is brave, she tries to be a philosopher, says that we have to start all over again but it’s a nightmare. It all went up in smoke.”

The widow of Bernard Tapie therefore had to sell a large part of her heritage. She wouldn’t even be able to pay her phone bill. Worse still, the Hôtel de Cavoye, rue des Saint-Pères, residence of the Tapie clan, was sold without her knowing it. It was quite a cold shower when the new owner arrived to settle in…

Bernard Tapie therefore left a seemingly poisoned legacy to his clan. However, Objeko is not too worried. The clan, very united, will manage to overcome this terrible ordeal. We are wholeheartedly with them!

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