Beijing Express 2022: Valentin Léonard accused of being “undrinkable”, Rachel Legrain-Trapani makes an update

Since July 6, M6 has been broadcasting Beijing Express 2022. Viewers thus discovered Inès Reg and her sister Anaïs, Valérie Trierweiler and her best friend Karine, the influencer Riadh and her best friend Abdallah (who gave up the adventure), the ex-Miss (2007) Rachel Legrain-Trapani and his companion Valentin Léonard, Paralympic champion Théo Curin and his agent Anne (since eliminated), and sports commentators Xavier Domergue and Yoann Riou in full competition in Sri Lanka. And very quickly, Valentin Léonard was at the heart of criticism. Asked by TV Starhis companion spoke on the subject.

Since the start of the broadcast, the former candidate of the Marseilles is in the viewfinder of viewers. The charming brunette did not hide that he was a competitor and a bad player, which often gave rise to couple crises during filming. He was thus accused of being “undrinkable” with Rachel Legrain-Trapani and sees many messages denigrating him every week. But according to Miss France 2007, you have to put things in context. “You have to put things in perspective. The reviews come from Twitter, a place where not all of the nice stuff is written. And in Beijing Expresswe are the only couple, so the only ones to argue for a yes or a no“, she first confided to TV Star.

Rachel Legrain-Trapani then highlighted the fact that the public does not realize the stress felt by the candidates on the spot. “We sleep little and not well, we don’t eat much and we never know what will happen to us the next day., she clarified. Despite their many quarrels, the mother of Gianni (10 years old, the fruit of her former union with Aurélien Capoue) and Andrea (2 years, the fruit of her current relationship) does not regret having flown to Sri Lanka with Valentin Léonard. She also immediately thought of him when he was asked to participate in the show. It remains to be seen whether they went to the end of the experience.

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