Basilic&Co opens a new pizzeria in Saint-Etienne

The local pizza franchise Basilic&Co is continuing its development with the opening, on July 19, of a new restaurant in Saint-Etienne, in the Loire (42), led by a former executive in the food industry who wanted to involved in local economic life.


Local pizza

A unique concept of quality fast food on the theme of “local” pizza

“I wanted to cross to the other side and become a business leader”

Production team manager, Christophe Ravachol worked for 25 years in the food industry. During these 25 years, he not only developed a solid experience in management but also obtained HACCP accreditation, a skill that will be particularly useful to him in his new job.

Because after 25 years in the food industry, Christophe Ravachol felt the urge to undertake. “I wanted to cross to the other side and become a business manager: get involved in local life, offer work to young people and become a local trader like my father who was a pastry chef”he explains.

He then contacts a few brands and goes to trade fairs, then chosen to become a Basilic&Co franchiseea brand that meets its expectations in terms of quality of products, sourcing and values ​​around sustainable development.

“I also want to participate in the development of the city”

“I am from Saint Etienne, I have my roots and my family there. I also want to participate in the development of the city, to introduce our products and to settle in a district in full development »he explains.

Thus, supported by the head of the Basilic&Co network in its procedureshe chooses a room located opposite the newly renovated gourmet halls, in the heart of the city : Les Halles Mazerat. And whether in its search for funding or in the layout of its premises, it was able to benefit from the partners of the Basilic&Co franchise.

If you too, like Christophe Ravachol, would like open a pizzeria with a brand committed to sustainable development to undertake and participate in the local life of your city, go to the Basilic&Co franchise file to find out more.

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