[Bar à jeux ] Taco Verso Goat Cheese Pizza! – Try a Game

In this new issue of the “game bar”, I offer you my opinion on Taco Verso Bouc Cheese Pizza, the third born in the Taco range!

Price : less than 10€
Average time : 10 minutes
Numbers of players : 2 to 8
Recommended age : 8+

Author : Dave Campbell
Editor : Blue-Orange
Illustrator : n / A
Mechanism : Atmosphere, Speed

Taco Verso Bouc Cheese Pizza, what is it and how do we play?

Taco Verso Bouc Cheese Pizza is the latest in the Taco series. First there was Taco Chat Bouc Cheese Pizza (we tell you about it here) and then Taco Chapeau Gateau Cadeau Pizza (we tell you about it here). This new game takes place exactly like the other two, that is to say, each in turn you will turn over a card by saying aloud in this order: Tac Chat Bouc Cheese Pizza. When the named card is found turned over on the table, everyone must tap the pile, the one furthest behind picks up the deck from the table and inserts it under the deck he has in front of him then he starts the round again by Tac and then on. The winner (me) is the one who gets rid of all his cards before the others. As with its two big brothers, Taco Verso Bouc Cheese Pizza, offers us three new bonus cards :

  • the panda: all the players rub their belly with one hand then hit the pile with the same hand
  • momentum: everyone forms horns above their heads then hits the pile of cards
  • the sea lion: we clap twice and hit the heap!

As with its predecessors, when one of these cards comes out on the table you have to do the mime and tap. The last one or the one who did not do his mime well, picks up the pile of cards. So far, so good. Now let’s see what this new Taco has more than the other two. What do you think it is? (a clue is in the name of the game). You have it ? Well yes, there are upside down cards and that could make the game worse! When a card named and placed on the playing area is upside down, you should not type palm of the hand towards the card but well palm of the hand towards the sky!

So in addition to having to be quick, not to hesitate and not to mime the wrong way, you will also have to be careful with the meaning of the cards. I assure you this is all a happy mess. But we love this kind of mess. I guarantee you that the laughter will rain. In any case on my side the Taco, no matter which one, always works and it is a game that I regularly offer around me.

Note thatit is possible to add this new deck of cards to the first Taco for even more fun and snatching hands!

And the packaging and the illustrations in all this?

On the packaging side, we stay on simple but effective, a small box that closes with a magnet. In terms of illustrations, we find our companions from the first games somewhat modified but above all completely upside down. The illustrations are recognizable at a glance, it’s fresh, colorful, it brings joy!

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