Axelle Red married to Philip Vanes: what do we know about the very discreet father of her 3 children?

Talk about his private life? Not so much his hobby! It is true that the public knows her for the duets she forms on stage – iconic Manhattan-Kabul with Renaud in 2002, more recently three titles with Ycare, in 2018 and 2020. The duo that Axelle Red has been forming at home for many years, on the other hand, the artist carefully keeps to herself. It is simply known that his dear and tender name is Philip, or Filip Vanes, and the lovers met when they were very young.

It was on the benches of the faculty, when she was 20, that Axelle Red crossed paths with the man of her life. She married Philip Vanes on March 21, 1998 and had three daughters with him: Janelle, Gloria and Billie, who are approximately 23, 19 and 17 years old. “I never stay away from my girls for longshe explained in 2011 to Pure people. When I come to Paris to give interviews, I come back every evening with the Thalys to be with them. My 12-year-old is going through puberty and it’s not easy. She’s adorable but I’m thinking about all the mistakes I’ve already made in raising her. Still, I really tried to raise them well by communicating a lot.

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