ARVR: Mark Zuckerberg (Meta) considers Apple to be its main competitor!

Mark Zuckerberg seems very upset lately. While his metaverse is booming, he has indeed motivated his troops told its employees that Meta would be in direct competition with Apple to create augmented reality and virtual reality platforms. He was thus answering a question from one of his employees, who wondered if and how the absence of Cupertino from Metaverse Standards Forum could influence Meta’s ecosystem.

In addition, he clarified that this rivalry would exist whatever direction is taken. In effect, Tim Cook is rather unfavorable -for the moment- to the creation of a universe totally detached from reality and prefers the notion of augmented reality. However, this position does not seem to hinder the firm in the development of applications or products dedicated to ARVR, starting with Apple Glasses or the helmet which should be released next year (normally).

Image The Verge

And the CEO of Meta has it awareness. It is a contest of philosophies and ideas, where they [Apple] believe that by doing everything themselves and integrating tightly, they will build a better user experience. And we think there are a lot of specialty products to be created by different companies, and [cela] will allow a much larger ecosystem to exist.

As for the absence of Cupertino from the MSF group, he said he was not surprised given the attitude elitist of the firm. For him, Apple’s approach is to design hardware and software that it tightly controls. -which worked fine with the iPhone, but maybe not for the metaverse.

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