Arnaud, the former banker turned pizza maker on a scooter

Take Arnaud Barbé, a 34-year-old former banker from Saint-Alban (22). Add to this Louis Juste, another thirty-year-old dairy cow breeder in Saint-Gilles (35), producer of mozzarella and fior di latte, a spun cheese made from the milk of his cows. Add still a solid friendship of more than ten years between these two fellows. Sprinkle everything with their common taste for Italy, in general, and for pizza, in particular. And you get the new Pizzeria Al mattino, installed on an electric tricycle which, for several weeks, has been offering its pizzas made with 100% local products on the markets around Saint-Alban.

A range of 60 km

“It was last summer, while talking over a drink, that the idea came to us. We make mozzarella, we love Italian food and pizza. What if we launched our pizzeria! “, explains Arnaud. “The next day, I called Louis back, telling him that it would be more of a traveling pizzeria, ideally on a scooter! “. Four months later, in January 2022, the electric scooter with a range of 60 km finally reached the small town of Côtes-d’Armor. The two new partners imagined its layout (including three mini gas pizza ovens), which was carried out by professionals in the Rennes region. Ready on April 29, Arnaud went with it to the Erquy market (22), the next day.

The electric scooter has a range of 60 km. But to go further, on events in particular, Arnaud and Louis have planned the flatbed trailer (Le Télégramme / Sylvie Vennegues)

With the exception of the tomato sauce which comes directly from Italy, the other ingredients are local

On site, he makes three kinds of pizzas in barely two minutes, two classics (the Margherita and the Regina) and a pizza of the week “depending on the mood of the pizza maker and the arrivals. With the exception of the tomato sauce, which comes directly from Italy, the other ingredients are local,” Arnaud insists. “The mozzarella and the fior di latte from Louis, the charcuterie, the mushrooms and the aromatic herbs are bought directly from my market neighbours! As for the dough pieces, I buy them in Nort-sur-Erdre, at Esprit Pizza, a former 2010 world pizza champion”.

Arnaud has decided to favor local products, including the fior di latte from his friend and associate Louis Juste, a dairy farmer in Saint-Gilles.
Arnaud has decided to favor local products including the fior di latte of his friend and partner Louis Juste, dairy farmer in Saint-Gilles (35) (Le Télégramme / Sylvie Vennegues)

Pizzeria Al mattino, tel. 06 71 02 96 57. On the markets of Côtes-d’Armor: Monday evening in Erquy, at Artisan’halles; Tuesdays at Pléneuf; Thursday morning in Lamballe; Fridays at Val-André; Saturday in Erquy and Sunday morning in Saint-Alban

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