Apple will launch in France the AppleCare + for iPhone with cover in case of theft / loss

Apple will launch in France a new version of its AppleCare + insurance with coverage in the event of loss or theft. It already exists in other countries and it will soon land in France.

The name AppleCare+ with Coverage in Case of Lost or Stolen shows what the product offers. We have the classic insurance with technical assistance provided by Apple and a hardware guarantee covering up to two incidents of accidental damage per 12 month period, each of which is subject to an additional charge of 29 euros for damage affecting the screen or the glass back, and 99 euros for any other type of accidental damage.

In addition, there is protection in the event of loss or theft. Each incident is subject to a deductible of 129 euros. It is worth noting that the Find My feature must be activated on the iPhone at the time the phone is lost or stolen for the claim process to be valid.

Apple has not yet mentioned AppleCare + with coverage in the event of loss or theft for France, but there are already mentions on its site. We can therefore suspect that the launch is coming soon. It remains to be seen what the price will be. In the US, it’s $219 or $11.49/month with iPhone 13. Pricing varies by model (for iPhone 13 Pro, it’s $269 or $13.49/month) .

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