Apple Watch saves owner by helping diagnose heart tumor

This incredible new story comes to us from Maine, where a 67-year-old woman was alerted by her Apple Watch to an irregular heartbeat. It is thus thanks to the famous connected watch that she was able to be diagnosed with a rare tumor in the heart, which could otherwise have been fatal to her.

We regularly hear about incredible stories where the Apple Watch, the star of connected watches, saves lives. Often, it is thanks to its simple but effective emergency call functionality that it comes to the aid of its owners, as we have already told you on SFR News, through this cyclist who had a bad fall or this swimmer who found herself trapped in icy waters. But she is capable of so much more. Too strong, the joking of the apple brand can also alert you to potential health problems.

Its various sensors record valuable data, such as heart and respiratory rates, or blood oxygenation levels. And thanks to its algorithms, the Apple Watch knows how to interpret this data to report any anomaly, then inviting its users to consult a professional. This is how a woman residing in Maine, in the United States, was alerted to a serious health problem…

It’s the media CBS News who reported the news item this Tuesday, July 19. Kim Durkee, 67, had barely acquired her Apple Watch when it was already starting to report worrying reports. The connected watch will have awakened its owner from the first nights, indicating an irregular heartbeat. What especially annoy the latter at first, who finally decided to act after the third night, where “the numbers are a bit too high“, as she testified on the local channel WBZ-TV of the CBS network.

An irregular heartbeat, its only symptom only detected by the Apple Watch

I was like, ‘you know what, go to the ER, and if they tell you it’s nothing to worry about, then you’ll get rid of the watch’“, she continues. Thus somewhat incredulous at the start, Kim Durkee will not regret her decision in the end. Because the Apple Watch did not panic for nothing: the doctors indeed detected a rare tumor, developing rapidly, which prevented the normal blood supply to the heart, and could eventually have caused a heart attack.

Operated at the end of last month, Kim Durkee is now safe and sound, thanks to her Apple Watch. Because without it, she would never have noticed that she suffered from atrial fibrillation, the only symptom of her tumor. Here is another story that ends well, and which shows that Apple’s digital knocker is not just a gadget. Like what, technology is still good sometimes.

Source : CBS News

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