[Apple TV+] Shining Girls: Elisabeth Moss in the footsteps of a serial killer traveler

The Shining Girls makes us discover Elisabeth Moss in the skin of a traumatized woman who tries to rebuild herself after having suffered a violent attack. A gripping, disturbing and confusing fantasy thriller.

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Adapted from the novel The luminous of Lauren Beukes, The Shining Girlsa series produced by AppleTV+ features Kirby – performed by Elizabeth Mossstill brilliant, – a young woman employed at the Chicago newspaper archives who tries to rebuild herself after a violent physical assault.


A few years after her attack, she discovers that the body of a young woman found lifeless seems to have suffered the same abuse as her, in particular an incision on the stomach which suggests that the suspected and arrested man is not the right one and that a serial killer is still on the loose.
Accompanied by journalist Dan Vélasquez, Kirby will then investigate in order to find this mysterious man who has been playing the police for so many years. But the young woman has to deal with memory lapses that force her to write everything down in a notebook. Her perception of time and reality are clouded to such an extent that she seems to lose control of the course of her life.

If at the start the facts seem more or less rational, over the episodes things get a little more complicated and many questions arise in the face of the trauma and the temporal ruptures experienced by the young woman. Is she time travelling, or where is her attacker who has supernatural powers? Are the murders perpetrated by the killer, some of which were committed decades ago, all connected? It is to these questions that the spectator tries to answer with a complex scenario in front of him which does not lack ambitions even if he sometimes tends to get lost on the way.

Despite his good attentions, his desire to offer a dense scenario, going back and forth in time, multiple twists, this story ultimately leaves a little perplexed – as often unfortunately for this type of series – in the face of the proposed outcome. While the thriller held the rope for a good half of the season, the fantastic ends up taking precedence over the last part of a series that is ultimately quite disconcerting, which will not give all the keys to the problem but which will at least have least the merit of sparking debate.

However The Shining Girls has enough qualities for us to hang on to the end, for us to ignore the inconsistencies and facilities often inherent in the “fantasy thriller” genre, for us to appreciate the acting of the actors and first place that ofElizabeth Moss who holds the series at arm’s length with her character of Kirby, this totally disoriented woman but determined to overcome this elusive serial killer.


The Shining Girls
Since 2022 / 60 min / Drama, Thriller
Series created by Silka Luisa
With Elisabeth Moss, Wagner Moura, Phillipa Soo…
Genre: thriller
8 episodes of approximately 60 minutes
First broadcast on Apple TV+ since April 29, 2022

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