Apple TV+ reportedly in talks for its first made-in-Brazil content

Apple TV+ launched in 2019 with exclusive shows and movies – and while most of them come from the US and Canada, there are already productions from other places and in languages ​​other than Apple. ‘English. This time, it seems that Apple is now in talks to produce its first original content made in Brazil.

The report comes from Flavio Ricco, a Brazilian journalist known for sharing exclusive news on local television. According to Ricco, Apple TV+ is “interested in producing new content” in Brazil. Details are unclear at this point, but the reporter says the company is looking to “prioritize quality and authenticity” with its new local production.

It should be noted that Apple TV+ is already available in Brazil and the entire catalog has Portuguese dubbing. However, if the rumors are true, this should also be the first Apple TV+ content originally recorded in Brazilian Portuguese.

The first non-English content on Apple TV+ was “Tehran,” a spy thriller by Moshe Zonder with most dialogue in Hebrew and Farsi. “Losing Alice,” a psychological thriller by Sigal Avin that was also produced in Israel, was recorded in Hebrew and dubbed into English and other languages ​​for release on Apple TV+.

Interestingly, both shows were originally produced for local Israeli TV and later acquired by Apple TV+ for global streaming, so it won’t come as a surprise if the company follows a similar approach in Brazil.

More non-English content is coming to Apple TV+

As Apple TV+ is slowly growing around the world, it makes perfect sense for Apple to invest in local productions to make the platform more appealing outside of the US. According just lookApple TV+ now holds 3% of the streaming platform market share in Brazil, just behind Disney’s Star+ with 4%.

While the first Brazilian production of Apple TV+ is only a rumor, Apple has already confirmed that it is working on new Russian-language content, as well as the platform’s first French series, which is expected to air. later this year. There’s also “Pachinko,” an Apple TV+ show (now renewed for its second season) with stories told in three languages: Korean, Japanese, and English.

Much of Apple TV+’s success comes from its critically acclaimed content. The Original Apple TV+ Movie CODA was the first streaming content to win the Best Picture Oscar. Also this year, the Apple TV+ comedy show Ted Lasso won multiple Critics Choice awards, while Severance and other shows were nominated for the 2022 Emmys.

You can view the full Apple TV+ catalog by visiting the platform’s website or by accessing the Apple TV app on a compatible iOS device, Mac, Apple TV or Smart TV.

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