Apple thanks Android deserters

Apple’s latest numbers are very good. This seems in particular due to the number of Android users who would switch to iPhone.

Despite a sluggish smartphone market, Apple is doing well. The company has just signed a record turnover of 83 billion dollars over the last quarter. That is an increase of 2% compared to the same period last year. Strong iPhone sales, but also excellent service performance, seem to be compensating for other categories that are down.

Thanks Android?

We set a record for the June quarter, both in terms of revenue and switches to iPhone said Tim Cook during the call to investors following the announcement of these results. By “switchers”, the CEO speaks here of Android users who have decided to switch to iOS.

Luca Maestri, CFO of Apple, speaks of double-digit growth over one year for these very specific users. He also points out that a recent study in the United States reported a satisfaction rate of 98% of iPhone users. For Cook, this satisfaction rate, as well as the (still somewhat timid) penetration of 5G worldwide, explain these good results in particular.

If Apple should not immediately pass in front of Samsung on the number of terminals sold (the Korean firm however recently revised its objectives downwards), the fact remains that the Apple brand does not seem to know the crisis too much. At least when it comes to smartphones.

iPhone and services carry Apple

In detail, iPhone sales represented a whopping $ 40.665 billion in turnover, against “only” 39.570 billion in the third quarter of 2021. An increase of 3% and almost half of the turnover. total. Services, they rose by 12%, from 17.486 billion to 19.604 billion.

On the other hand, on the Mac side (7.382 billion against 8.235 billion previously), iPad (7.224 billion against 7.368 billion) and accessories, watches and connected devices (8.084 billion against 8.775 billion), the result is more mixed. With its 10% drop, the Mac sector is the one that needs to recover the most as Microsoft struggles to convince with Windows 11.

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