Apple Store Time Machine app transports you to opening day at four iconic locations in stunning detail

Have you ever wondered what the most iconic Apple Stores like the very first location, Apple Fifth Avenue and Infinite Loop looked like for their grand openings? Or maybe you were there and want to revisit the magic? Apple Retail enthusiast Michael Steber has put together its most impressive project to date, Apple Store Time Machine. It’s an incredibly immersive Mac app for discovering and exploring the most important Apple Stores in incredible detail, exactly how they looked when they opened.

My former colleague, Michael Steeber, is a master of Apple retail, history and design. Past projects have included mapping Apple’s vast, spatial grayscale universe, exploring all-new Apple Stores like the Tower Theater in Los Angeles, the Apple Carnegie Library, tracking the more than 500 stores opened during the pandemic, and much more.

Now, with his most incredible project yet – building on work he started last year – he’s created a jaw-dropping experience that takes you back in time at four of the world’s leading stores. Apple detail – exactly how they were on opening days with astonishing historical accuracy.

Here is how Michael describes Apple Store Time Machine:

“The Apple Store Time Machine is a celebration of the places and products that have shaped our lives for more than twenty years. This interactive experience recreates memorable moments from Apple’s history with painstaking detail and historical accuracy.

Hands-on with Apple Store Time Machine – Tysons Corner

I was able to test Apple Store Time Machine for the past few days and I was grinning from ear to ear the whole experience. From the opening loading screen with flying toasters, sound effects, and the Mac OS Aqua main menu, you entered teleportation.

The four stores you can visit include Tysons Corner – the world’s first Apple Store, Standford Shopping Center – the era of mini-stores, Fifth Avenue – the design that defined a decade, and Infinite Loop – the Apple Store , re-invent.

As you enter each store there is a short explanation of the history and importance of each location. To navigate, you can use the ASDW or arrow keys as well as your mouse or trackpad. Below I’ll talk specifically about Tysons Corner, but all four stores are so amazing to explore!

Apple Store Tysons Corner Time Machine

As I shared above, the level of detail Michael put into this is just amazing. Everything from price tags and specs on the original products that were available on opening day to Steve Jobs giving presentations (with video and audio!) on a PowerBook screen, the exact software Apple was selling off its shelves. , and the original Genius Bar with the bright red phone are all here.

Michael’s incredible expertise in Apple Retail history and design, combined with the sharpest eye for fine detail I’ve ever seen, has created the closest thing to a traveling machine. in the actual time you could discover for these Apple Stores.

Download Apple Store Time Machine

If you’re into Apple or just had fond memories of buying your first iPod, iPhone, or Mac, Apple Store Time Machine is such a delight. Can’t recommend giving it a try!

Apple Store Time Machine is now available as a free download (for Mac) with the option to donate to support the incredible work and hundreds of hours spent researching, designing and building the app. Look for the Download and Donate button at the bottom of the site.

You can follow more of Michael’s wonderful work at Twitterits website and our Apple Retail guide on

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