Apple revamps the iPhone purchase page on its site

Apple has made a change to its site and more specifically to the page where you buy an iPhone. There are larger images, quick access to support via a button at the bottom right, a focus on device recovery and more.

Previously, the page presented a two-column view with static images on the left and configuration options on the right. The new interface puts more emphasis on large images and more refined experiences for things like choosing which smartphone to trade. There are still two separate columns for images and configuration options. The images are however much larger, which can be interesting to better choose its color.

Note that some countries have the right to videos explaining how to choose the right storage space and how the recovery process takes place. This is particularly the case in the United States and the United Kingdom. In France, we only have the right to an explanatory text.

Speaking of recovery, Apple in France offers up to 570 euros. Pricing varies depending on your existing iPhone model, storage, and overall condition. The amount of 570 euros concerns the iPhone 12 Pro Max of 512 GB in good condition.

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