Apple multiplies advertising placements in the App Store

Impossible to escape advertising on iOS, present in the search engine of the App Store for several years. Admittedly, Apple is not as heavy-handed as some Android manufacturers who stuff their overlays with advertising banners, but it’s true that at the price at which Apple products are sold, users could have hoped to live without none advertising on their iPhone.

This fight having been lost, Apple will further strengthen the place of the Search Ads program in its store. The home page Today will present banners between two articles (quite largely advertising) from the editorial team of Apple. These spaces will be marked as advertisements, even if the small bluish “Ad” label risks making bladders look like lanterns.

A second location will be offered this time directly in the application files, in the ” You might also like » placed at the bottom of the page. Here too, the banner will stand out from the suggestions of the App Store algorithm, with its blue background and a label.

Apple ensures that these new locations respect its policy of confidentiality and transparency, but in the meantime it is an additional visual pollution in the app store. Apple didn’t look very far for inspiration, Google’s Play Store sells developers similar locations in its store.

These spaces, which are sold to developers, will appear in the coming weeks, first in the United States obviously.

App Store: when the

App Store: when the use of advertising was debated within Apple


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