Apple is planning a never-before-seen chip for its 2022 Mac Pro

Apple is about to update its Mac Pro with an M2 chip in a new configuration.

In a recent interview given to Max Tech’s YouTube channel, Apple brand analyst Mark Gurman gave more details on Apple’s plans. According to the Bloomberg journalist, the Cupertino company would have worked in particular to develop a Mac Pro with an M1 chip, but the latter did not see the light of day.

Still according to Gurman, Apple is waiting for its “Extreme” M2 chip, which should be even larger and more powerful than the “Ultra” version of the M1 chip that currently equips the Mac Studio. With this new processor, the Apple brand could therefore calmly turn to Mac Pros, which are among the last computers that Apple has not yet updated with Apple Silicon chips instead of Intel products.

Gurman announces a new Mac Pro for the end of the year

Gurman explains that this change should be made by the end of the year, and that the first deliveries will take place at the beginning of 2023. The journalist argues this short delay by explaining that a Mac Pro model with an M series chip has already been ready for “months” and Apple is just waiting for the right moment to present its new beast of competition.

In the rest of the interview, Mark Gurman returns in particular to the Mac mini. The latter was first updated in November 2020 alongside the MacBook Pro and Air. If the two portable models were entitled to an update during the last WWDC with the arrival of the M2 chip, things should be different for the Mac mini.

The journalist ensures that the Cupertino company does not intend to offer an “M2” version of its fixed computer in the coming months. This announcement is quite interesting, as it goes against the discussions and projections of other brand experts. In recent weeks, several rumors have indeed reported the imminent arrival of a Mac mini M2.

Rumors that are becoming clearer for the Mac Pro

Although Gurman’s information is obviously to be taken with a grain of salt, the journalist’s sources have only rarely disappointed in the past and it may well be that they manage to surprise us once again this year by having seen everything just in the Apple’s plans for updating the Mac Pro and Mac mini.

Apple’s first official date for announcing new products is expected to take place in early September. The annual presentation of the new iPhone should be accompanied by a substantial update of the Apple Watch, but also of other devices. According to some of the iPads, but also MacBooks could be part of the start of the school year.

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