Apple: how does the firm organize itself to deal with high temperatures?

California is suffering the full brunt of the heat wave… State where the headquarters of Apple is based, which has decided to act to deal with the high heat.

Apple decided to act ! To counter the strong Californian heat, the group anticipated the blow. You will see, some ideas of the firm might inspire you. MCE TV reveals everything from A to Z.

High heat does not scare Apple!

Ecology is everyone’s business. From citizens to large groups!

In the last news, Apple wants to fight at its level global warming. All in all good news.

Thus, the company wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions… By 2030. The countdown begins...

And to do this, the brand has relied on quality equipment to achieve his goal. Environmental standards are also required.

The latest news, Apple Park has also opted for solar panels. The latter are also capable of generating more seventeen megawatts of power. It’s not nothing !

Thus the large building of Apple will be supplied brilliantly. Impossible to ignore the air conditioning!

Note that in California, the state where the headquarters is located, il can do up to 50 degrees.

This high heat can quickly become unbearable in the long run. But to pamper its employees, the company has thought of everything.

To date, they are lucky to have fitness rooms. Showers are also available if needed. The class!

As for the exterior, countless green spaces have were arranged around the Apple headquarters. There, quite a variety of trees have been planted here and there.

If employees wish, they can even work outdoors in the shade. As points out, a tree can humidify the environment through its transpiration. Better than an air conditioner, you say?

Take some seed

Thanks to its turnover, Apple can afford a lot of things. Indeed, its employees or distinguished guests are entitled to an almost air-conditioned underground car park. which leaves their cars cool

It’s a safe bet that the group will not stop if good way to modernize its premises. In the United States, global warming has long been a sidelined topic.

For example, it was not Donald Trump’s priority: “I am in Los Angeles and it is freezing, the warming is a total hoax! he tweeted in 2012. “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese to weaken American industry. »

Unlike its predecessor, Joe Biden is more sensitive about to the climate emergency. During a visit to Seattle, the politician praised the merits of the ecosystem.

“The CO2 stored by forests, harvested wood, and trees in urban areas accounts for about 14% of the carbon dioxide emitted annually by the United States,” had analyzed NPR. “Older, larger trees tend to store more CO2. Even scientists disagree on how much CO2 they continue to store as they age.”

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