Apple does not rule out making big acquisitions in services

During his call to investors for the third quarter of 2022, Tim Cook reiterated the fact that Apple could still proceed with large takeovers if these were in line with the company’s strategy.

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Apple continues to break records for its results for the third quarter of 2022. The company, which has just announced a turnover of 83 billion dollars for a profit of 19.4 billion, saw on this occasion Tim Cook declare again in front of his investors that he did not rule out the acquisition of large companies if this was part of a strategic approach for the brand.

“We are not excluding anything” says Tim Cook

Asked about the issue of the services market which continues to expand and about Apple’s interest in some of them with a view to expanding its catalog, Tim Cook replied “do not excludethe acquisition of a large company if it made sense for Apple.

He also mentioned the fact that the company would not make a buyout just to “redeem“Or for reasons of profitability and, that at present, the Cupertino company remained focused on smaller structures that would fit perfectly into its philosophy:”We are always looking and wondering if this is strategic. We never buy just to buy or just for income. So far we have made small acquisitions of technology and talent. I wouldn’t rule anything out for the future. We constantly monitor the market.»

The smartest choice would be Netflix according to analysts

The request here seemed to point to the Netflix platform, a service that some analysts would obviously see in the catalog offered by Apple or other companies like Peloton. Apple would therefore be ready to release the checkbook if necessary, but not in any way.

The question of what Apple could then buy inevitably arises and when we see, for example, massive takeovers taking place like that of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft recently for 68.7 billion dollars, it seems reasonable to think that Apple could , if he wanted to, carry out a few strategic takeovers that would permanently disrupt the landscape.

Apple’s last major takeover was that of Intel’s modem division for $1 billion three years ago. The largest known takeover in its history was made in 2014, when the company acquired Beats for a whopping $3 billion. Nothing that even comes close to the staggering sums spent by Microsoft, but when you know Apple’s purchasing power, you better understand the question asked.

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