Apple: Brazilian gold illegally mined in iPhones?

Several American tech companies – notably Apple – have allegedly bought gold from suppliers coming – unfortunately – from illicit mining in Brazil. These operations would have taken place on indigenous lands in the Amazon rainforest, which is prohibited in Brazil. They lead to deforestation and the contamination of natural waters with mercury.

Among the companies involved are Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazonwhich would have bought the gold in 2020 and 2021 from several refiners, including Chimet and Marcham who are currently under investigation. On the side of Cupertino, the material would have been used for the iPhone but the firm did not answer very clearly, referring to its own reports on its suppliers. She also indicated no longer buy gold in Marsam.

The scandal stems from a recently published report, exposing current practices which also result in an increase in organized crime. Among the worrying figures, it should also be noted that 28% of the gold extracted in Brazil would be illegal.

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